cardio & core

A high energy, 30 minute Cardio HIIT class followed by 15 minutes of focused core training.  This fast paced class allows you to bang out a quick 30 minute cardio interval workout or stay for a combination workout of cardio and core.  30 minutes or 45 minutes... it's your choice!!

FITness plain & simple

An introductory FITness class focusing on low impact cardio, strength, core and flexibility training.


A challenging, high intensity interval training (HIIT) circuit workout that uses heart rate monitors to take your workout to the next level! This class combines the use of rowers, TRX trainers, battling ropes, kettlebells and more for a workout the will keep you burning calories long after the workout ends!! 

mix FIT

A fun, effective workout that mixes short periods of intense cardio intervals with core and strength exercises for maximum fitness results!

row FIT

A fun, exciting, endorphin-blasting cardio and muscle endurance workout using the the WaterRower rowing machine. This class is designed to increase fitness levels in safe and inspiring team environment!

row FITness plain & simple

An introductory Row FIT class that focuses on teaching the 3x3 rowing technique, pressure tests and waves at a lower intensity level with still getting all the benefits of a rowing class.

row FIT strength

An exciting workout that combines the benefits of Row FIT with strength exercises using weights, kettlebells, and more!


A full-body workout using the TRX suspension trainer to help develop strength, balance and core stability, combined with high intensity cardio intervals for maximum fitness results.

TRX FITness plain & simple

An introductory TRX class that focuses on technique, balance, strength and flexibility through basic foundational exercises with easy to follow progressions.

total body FIT

An amazing workout that combines high intensity cardiovascular activity with targeted strength training using heart-rate monitors to keep heart rates in a target zone that spikes metabolism and increases energy for up to 36 hours after the workout ends!

Yoga for Strength

By holding powerful poses and repeating vinyasas, you will tone and strengthen your body and mind. TRX is incorporated on Tuesday mornings.