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Roots & Wings Therapeutic Bodywork
Hillery Woods Siatkowski, NCTMB
Office Phone: 215.257.5025

Effective August 1, 2012, Hillery has combined her cell and office phone numbers: 215.257.5025. Please update your contact lists.

About Hillery

Hillery believes in the benefits of receiving massage as part of your preventative and restorative health care plan. As a graduate of the Brian Utting School of Massage in Seattle, Hillery has a specialty in deeply listening to where your body can release tension using a variety of techniques that access your inner healing power. Since over half of doctor’s visits are stress-related, the benefits of massage are priceless, giving you the energy and support to accomplish what your daily life requires.

Hillery Woods Siatkowski, LMT: MSG002878

Therapeutic Bodywork Menu

Relaxation & Wellness

Restore and recharge with this treatment that helps maintain wellness, prevent chronic injury from returning, and rebalance the nervous system by bringing the body and mind into harmony. Hillery recommends committing and planning an hour and a half massage every three weeks.

1 hour for $60.00, 1.5 hours for $90.00, 2 hours for $120.00

Unlocking the Blocks

This is for acute conditions and taking the time to know your self on a deeper level. Alchemical healing and Cranial-sacral methods are applied to assess and treat energy blockages that come from anxiety, emotional trauma, or limited core values. This therapeutic alliance brings change on deep and subtle levels that engage your imagination.

1 hour and 15 minutes for $85.00

Journeying through the Chakras

A guided meditation and visualization process that brings the receiver a strong connection with the vitality of their eight energy wheels known as chakras. The body’s vital organs and supportive systems are also part of this journey.

1 hour and 15 minutes for $85.00

Supporting your Yoga Practice with Yoga Massage

With a focus on the core, this sequencial process of bodywork liberates the trunk from the pelvis giving the student an intimate experience with their diaphragm and psoas muscles. Through a series of three treatments the receiver will experience freedom in the side body, expanding lung capacity and greater rotation.

Three 1 hour treatments for $180.00

Therapeutic Massage for Injury Treatment

A session lasting an Hour and a Half will help assess the level of injury and create a plan for healing. With 30-minute mini-sessions scheduled 2 or 3 times a week, the receiver will be able to bring relief and repair to injured tendons in the elbow, shoulder or knee.

1.5 hours for $90.00, $35.00 for every additional half hour

Grounding in Complete Relaxation with Hot Stones

This experience will bring you complete relaxation and deep muscle release. Smooth, hot stones are applied to the body with lavish coconut oil that enables the stone to glide over your muscles releasing any tension held in both the muscle belly and connective tissue. The stones give the receiver a connection to the grounding and transformative powers of the earth’s energy.

1 hour and 15 minutes for $110.00

Mother-to-be Massage

Hillery is specially trained in pre and post-natal massage. Most mothers agree that supporting their pregnancy with massage brought the benefits of less pain and fatigue as well as mellow babies! With the use of proper bolstering, women can experience a comfy session supported with pillows and body-cushions. This is a great addition to the pre-natal yoga classes offered through the yoga studio.

1 hour and 15 minutes for $85.00

Package Pricing

  • Three Pack, 1 Hour Relaxation & Wellness: $171.00 (5% discount)
  • Five Pack, 1 Hour Relaxation & Wellness: $270.00 (10% discount)
  • Ten Pack, 1 Hour Relaxation & Wellness: $510.00 (15% discount)†
  • Committing to Self-Care Pack: Twelve 1.5 Hours: $918.00 (15% discount)‡
† Ten Packs may be shared with immediate family members of the purchaser.
‡ Must be used within twelve months, so that the purchaser may benefit from full commitment. This pack cannot be shared.


Please inquire as to how we can bring the benefits of therapeutic touch to your unique situation. Hillery is experienced in helping clients with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and supporting cancer treatment with massage and Alchemical Healing.

These techniques may be applied to your session: Deep tissue, Swedish, Neuromuscular Therapy, Cranial-sacral, Alchemical Healing energywork, and Compassionate listening. Hillery is certified in Permaculture and facilitating the Work That Reconnects, a form of grief and empowerment work.