Gooey Heart and the winner is....


with a  deep bow of gratitude and a heart that is deeply touched and humbled, i thank you for your kind words and wonderful feedback from my last writing.  Namaste  having said that, I am working on my next installment, feeling a little pressure (wink, wink), but i rise to the challenge w/ Agni Sara as my faithful companion.

i think this winter season is in its teenager stage:  one minute it's cold and snowy (okay you now how to handle this); just when you've accepted the winter mood, it changes.  the temperature is 50/60 degrees and rainy (okay I can really get on board with this), then, (cue hip hop tune) woop there it is ... COLD (the winter mood is back!).  

because the snow had our winter schedule off to an unpredictable start, we have tweaked our thursday morning classes.  hot yoga will continue until february 8th, trx yoga will run from february 15th- march 15th and foundations of aerial will be march 22nd & 29th.

want to spend Valentine's day with me? 

join me in my regular Wednesday night class on Valentine Day.  i promise to be good (read: more relaxing and heartfelt than let's rock this!) plus, i am bribing you with sparkling water, wine, and chocolate can bring a friend for $5, too. My hubby and son are coming.  i told them it was what i wanted for Valentine Day (lol).  So i promised Larry he would be fine in the class.  

our valentine gift to you. 

from now until february 14th, you can purchase a massage for $60.  see the information below for details  

from our bring a friend promotion in January, the winner of the free month unlimited membership is Tara DePolo.  we are running this promotion for the month of february, too. maybe next month it will be you! (yes, i purposely made it rhyme...i can't help myself)

much love, light, and laughter to you all

-june xoxo