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understanding your natal chart

Join astrologer Barbara Darnell for an afternoon of discovery! 

Learn the basics of astrological symbolism which provides the foundation for your soul’s voyage.
Participants will bring their natal chart created from the resource below.

Discussion to include:
Sign symbols
Planet symbols
Moon phases
Elements, modes
Important points in the chart, non-planetary
What does it mean when you have something “rising”?
Chart description: houses, house meanings
Chart patterns
Ptolemaic aspects
Introduction to dignities and debilities

How to get your chart:
Go to; this is a free site to users.
Choose Free Horoscopes
Extended Chart Selection
Add a new person
Name, gender, birthday, hour/minute, country, town
House system - whole signs
Press blue button to produce chart

Please print a copy of your chart to bring to class.


registration required