what can grow in 11 years....


this is what i am grateful for...YOU...our sangha.

it started with Greg's class friday night.  it was surreal.  i am used to Greg teaching a class when i am there and i have been there a lot.  now Greg is teaching a class with my husband and all of you in this space.   the space and teacher are certainly familiar but not with my husband and not with all of you. 

 then during our retreat, as i sat in the auditorium listening to Luke and Sandy share their knowledge of how to use a yoga practice for skillful living, i reflected on how 11 years ago i sat in that same auditorium listening to Luke & Sandy as they taught me how to become a yoga teacher.   11 years ago i was a wide-eyed yoga teacher trainee hoping to teach a public class with the grace and aplomb they both demonstrated.  yes, i had a long range plan to open a yoga studio, but at that time my first goal was to stand where they were standing in the auditorium and teach without being so nervous.  i remember telling myself "deep breathes June , deep breaths. no one is going to blow up". although i thought i was the one who would blow up! 

throughout the weekend, i would look around and see all of you whether in the auditorium, the cafe, the grounds, the guest house, the tea lounge and the dining area and i thought  "holy sh*t! life can and does exceed our expectations!" i never thought that 11 years ago  i would be at HI on a retreat with students from my yoga studio.  when Luke & i discussed doing a retreat, i was hoping for 15 of you to join us.  we had 32! 

please know that this.....you!  is the what sustains me right now.  the Divine shows us what is important and that my friends is our sangha.  i am one lucky woman ! i had the opportunity to share a place that has so much meaning in my life with you.   thank you for joining me!  those of you who couldn't make it...we missed you..and we'll see you next time ;)


-june xoxo