summer surrender


at the risk of getting an eye roll with this alliteration ...  summer surrender... what are you going to surrender into this summer?  

we did a Big Spring Cleanse several weeks ago.  perhaps you heard? or read our conversations in our facebook membership page? ( more about that later).

one of the practices was removing (giving up) a habit for the duration of the cleanse and replacing it with a habit that  is considered self-care.  before you wonder too long; yes, i gave up Starbucks, yes, i have been back, and, no, honestly, not as frequently. it shifts things...i mean, really shifts things

so it's summer.  i have always seen summer as the time when we get to do "fun summer activities,"  but now i am thinking ...what can we surrender into this summer...working late? sleeping late? getting up early? reading a book? doing crossword puzzles? 

in the summer, when we were young, we surrendered the structured time of a school day...we had plenty of time in the summer, to watch...sleep late into a long summer night.

although as adults, we can't completely surrender as we did when we were kids, what are you going to surrender...just for the summer? define summer how you like, but make it at least 60 days.  i am going to use the summer solstice until the fall equinox..(, who knows, maybe not...and would that be so bad?

much love, light, and laughter to you all

-june xoxo