Good Karma Jar

Thank you to everyone that dropped their spare change into the jar. We'll be sending $10.50 to Transformation Yoga Project. 


This month's recipient is A Service Dog for Maggie Chesla.

Maggie has hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (hEDS), a rare genetic connective tissue disorder, as well as dysautonomia (POTS) and mast cell activation syndrome. As a result she has chronic pain and headaches, joint subluxations and dislocations, insomnia, gastrointestinal issues, fainting spells and seizure-like episodes.  After being misdiagnosed for over 10 years, she was finally able to start proper treatment in 2016, but by then many of her symptoms worsened and new symptoms developed. She's had to stop dancing - her passion - due to joint pain and instability, and more recently chronic vomiting, and she has been unable to tolerate medications to alleviate pain and other symptoms. Despite these challenges and countless visits to various specialists and hospitals, she handles everything life has thrown at her with a remarkably positive attitude.

A service dog would not only give Maggie emotional support but also alert others when she has fainted or fallen, provide stability and support for walking, retrieve medicines when she is having an allergic reaction, help stop tremors and overall offer her more independence. Maggie has always connected deeply with animals, and for her 16th birthday her family would like to get a puppy that can be trained for her unique needs. 

Your donation would enable them to purchase a puppy and provide the  training, equipment, and care that the dog will need.

Moondog will match the amount of change we collect in the studio but if you would like to donate directly to the Go Fund Me for Maggie, click HERE.