where did the year go?


it's been a year.  it's been a year? it's been a year!!

that is exactly what i have been thinking, in that order, with its corresponding inflections. yes, the last one has 2 explanation points for two reasons, too (yes, i chose the word "too" instead of "also" purposefully--diane, are you proud of me?)

it's been a year. april 15th marked the year anniversary of our moving to broad street.  on that day i was reflecting back to last year when we moved.  this year it was raining and it made me smile, as i thought about the deluge we had on moving day. when I was telling luke ketterhagen about our move and the rain, he told me that, in the tantric tradition, rain symbolized washing away the old, cleansing, and moving forward. so, this year, when it was raining, i thought of luke, and how appropriate the rain was.

it's been a year? where did THAT go? i find myself saying this more and more with many yearly occurrences in my life.  on one hand, it seems the year went quickly, but then when i reflect on the year i lived in between--i realize i did a lot of living! time seems to fly, but upon further look...said time was full of great and challenging things, good times spent with family & friends, many hours spent living and teaching my passion (but not as many as i would like) mediating and reading for fun.  next time you find yourself saying... It's been a year? take a some time and reflect on all the living you actually did in that time, it was more full than you think! and THAT is a good thing.

it's been a year!! one exclamation point is for "damn that was a lot!!"   it represents the steady, ardent effort we must put into the things in our life that are meaningful our life, work, relationships, and yes our yoga and fitness practice. anyone who has moved a home knows moving, in and of its self, is a big undertaking.  it certainly has been a year of ardent, steady effort moving  moondog. our team grew into our new home, physically and mentally, through the transition of this past year in our new home.

the second exclamation is "woo-hoo it's been a year!" and represents the ease  and joy that accompanies and follows the ardent, steady effort.

much love, light, and laughter to you all

-june xoxo