i'm back....

june and becky.JPG

did you hear about the one about two women going to India?  well you can! i hope you can join us sunday, march 24th, for chai, sweets, photos, and laughs.

the first question always asked "is how was your trip?" it's so hard to say in short response.  i will say i never have laughed so much and so often, it was hard (at times), it shifts your world view, and most importantly, it shifts you! India was never on my bucket list (and Italy is at the top).  however, i knew in my soul this trip was what i needed to do for myself and for us.

the practices we did have deepened my knowledge and my personal practice. as teachers, our practice feeds our teachings.  we teach from our experience.  i  already feel (and can't wait to see what else unfolds) a more intimate relationship with the whole practice of yoga.  i know now more than ever (a deep and abiding knowing) there is a divine love always here for us...always! we just have to get out of our own way and that is where the many,  many varied practices within yoga come in and support us.

i am humbled and excited to share this all with you.  i am in service of helping you live your best life....because you can!!!

much love & light 

-june xoxo