have you updated your GPS lately?


so, i went to another funeral. the last funeral i spoke to you about was led by a priest who didn't know our Zia very well, as he was new to the parish, but knew of her legacy in the church. this time i was at a funeral for my friend's mother, and the pastor knew her well.

everyone who spoke mentioned my friend's mom's poor sense of directions.....the much needed comic relief. the pastor, though, wove this into a wonderful talk about our GPS.....the tool that guides us...that gives us direction. GPS: grace, peace, and security.

when we take time to connect with ourselves, with that power/energy outside of us (that is greater than us), with nature, with what makes our heart/soul feel full, we receive grace, peace, and strength, which will guide us through our hours, weeks, days, and months. our GPS doesn't just happen. i mean, it will happen. however, we must do the work. when we have an ardent effort, a heartfelt effort, over a constant period of time.

you may find that the training we are offering this fall and winter, and self care provided by therapeutic bodywork, can help you orient your own GPS.

light your lamp & you light the world around you

-june xoxo