The Deep Stories Pictures Hold

Halloween holds a special place in my heart.  Larry and I meet 30 years ago this past Halloween.  It was actually my first "grown -up" Halloween (translation: legally in a bar).  My boss who at the time had known me for 2 months and knew Larry very well kept saying to me "You need to meet Larry Hunt; you two would be great together".  So, Halloween rolled around and we went to a bar in Allentown.  Larry had his face painted white w/ a black diamond on it.  He wanted to be Mr. Clean (such a foreshadowing and I must say an added bonus for but he had so much hair the skull cap wouldn't stay on his head...  how he loves to tell that story now. I was "too cool" to wear a costume. I was 22 and fresh out of college. 

This past Halloween marked 30 Halloweens together; we dress up often for Halloween parties winning once as Rocky & Adrianne.  Larry makes Halloween fun.  He spent many mornings with his coffee searching Pinterest (he still can amaze me) for costume ideas this year.  So, one morning he says "do you think Kim would want to paint this for us?"  I asked Kim and her reply was "I never painted faces but then again I never painted murals until the studio and your house".  I love her sense of adventure!  

What this picture holds is 30 years of tradition, 30 years in a relationship that is one of my life's great gifts, the sharing of this tradition with a friend we love and whose talent we admire, and how things come full circle.  30 years ago Larry painted his face (black & white) and I was "too cool" to dress up, now we are both painted black and white by our wonderful artistic friend. 

-june xoxo