This Is Us

This is Us  is a new show on NBC.  Already you may be saying "It's the Holidays who has time to watch TV?"  or "Network TV, ugghhh the only good shows are on cable, premium channels or Netflix ."  Hear me out.  If you have seen the early trailers, they didn't do it justice. I didn't watch it.  I wasn't interested until I saw several posts on Facebook.  I have since told some friends and this show was a topic of our Thanksgiving Dinner conversation-and much appreciated over politics

This show is a stand out!  The writing, the acting, the relevance, is all so rich and well done.   I can't say much more than that.  The way the show is written in such a creative, genius way too much information may change your experience.  Warning: you will cry!  BUT the cry is not a sad, I feel depressed cry.  It's a good cry.  The kind of emotional cry that is released when your heart is massaged and all the gooey love, compassion and joy residing there is released: sometimes known as tears of joy. Each episode gets into your heart and massages these emotions.

You must watch the show from the beginning.  Perhaps you can watch it will wrapping presents, or take some down time and binge watch it on the weekend, or after the holidays.  As most shows, new episodes aren't shown mid December to mid January.  You have time.

This show touches my soul.  I hope the same for you.

-june xoxo

PS. It is the Kapha season: time to slow down, hibernate and regroup.  What better way to do this in the 21st century than a good TV show..wink, wink.  I am also very fond of books. I just can't say enough about this you can tell.