shake off the winter blahs

The  weather is definitely cold, sometimes bone chilling damp.  Whether there is snow or not, we feel the cold, heavy, wet qualities of winter (Kapha season).

Let's talk about how this plays out for us.  The cold of winter causes stagnation. Water in lakes and ponds about slowing down!  Our bodies have a large amount of water in them.  The darkness and cold may leave you feeling sluggish and very sleepy, with noticeably less energy.  January is considered to be the most yin time of year - a restorative time when the body rebuilds tissue.   
Your body continues to adapt.  Take your nose; it's function is cleaning, moistening, and warming the air in preparation for the delicate tissues of the lungs. The nasal passages swell up to warm this cold air.  Capillaries restrict blood flow for preserving heat. Less blood flow and lack of sun exposure also make your skin look pale and dry. Your heart rate slows with the colder weather, leading to blood stagnation. The body concentrates most of your blood at the core to keep your vital organs warm leaving hands and feet colder.
You can support your body by what you eat.  Think of adding foods with qualities of warmth (soups, stews, oatmeal) and warming spices (garlic, ginger, black pepper) even licorice.  Also, try eating your heartiest meal mid-day instead of late at night when the sun and your sun(digestive fire) is setting for the night.   

Create heat: Practice 5-7 rounds of Sun Salutations (any version) as part of your morning routine.  It will be 5 minutes well spent.  They create heat, move the blood, clear the stale air, and move those bones that have been chilled...

I love all the moon pictures you send.  keep 'em coming ~

PS Thank you Alex for this picture.

-june xoxo