happy winter

If you have been to one of my classes lately , you have probably heard me talk winter and it's energetic qualities, or what Ayurveda refers to as Kapha season. 
Now that the holidays are past, the real essence of winter takes hold.  Dark, cold, sometimes bone chilling nights.  A quietness takes hold especially when  it snows.  It's time to slow down.  Hibernation happens for many plants & animals.  Oh! how I would love to hibernate for the winter, but i do like to ski.  Alas, we live in a modern society and may feel pressure to push forward and push through this tendency. We can't completely hibernate, but we can do something.  

Now is a great time for introspection.   Take some time, be still; recognize that the energy in you and around you is slow, maybe even heavy.  Not that you shouldn't move, but don't put too much judgement or pressure on yourself if your tendency is to "hibernate"/ slow down, or stay in and cozy up under a blanket or next to a fire.  

It's my personal belief why so many New Year's resolution putter out.  The support just isn't there.  In March, when things begin to warm, thaw and move, that's a great time for moving things forward.  For now, why not take your time and really contemplate what it is you need/want to change , make a plan, a really good plan.  Take your time.  Then in several weeks..go fot it!

Honestly, that is what I am experimenting with this year.  I haven't made a New Year's resolution, but I am taking some time for introspection.  Then in March, it's time for action.

Next time , I'll write about winter : your body & food. 

PS Thank you Jess for the picture
-june xoxo