YTT and Ireland in February

Sooooooo this blog is super late, but I have valid excuses, I promise. 

This weekend was a little rough for me because on the Friday night that we were waiting to get into the studio, my mom texted me and told me that my grandmother had a stroke and was going to the hospital.  She’s doing OK now, but right then I had to leave and meet my family at the hospital.  I was upset about my grandmother and I was also upset because I was missing out on Luke Ketterhagen’s teaching. 

I didn’t get home from the hospital until around midnight and then had to get up for TRX and then yoga class.  I was kinda wiped both emotionally and physically, however the class that Luke taught was so amazing and it really helped me calm down and absorb positive energy, giving me the boost I needed to get through a full day……well most of a full day.  I left early to see my granny and lift her spirits.  One thing that really helped me get through this was the fact that we were working on inversions.  I understand that many people have a fear of being upside down.  Not me!  I am working on handstands and headstand every chance I get.  It helps to literally change your perspective on the world.  They also help with blood circulation, bringing blood to your head and brain and getting your stagnant blood moving.  They also help relieve stress, and let me tell you….I needed it!

If you haven’t had the pleasure of taking one of Luke’s yoga classes, I highly recommend you keep an eye out for when he will be around next and make sure to be there.  I felt so privileged to listen to him and what he had to say during our training days.  His perspective helped me think about some things in a new way and his open personality just helped to create an environment for learning.  I hope to one day have the means to take one of his retreats so that I can learn even more from him. 

Well after this weekend, I only had one more week of preparations before my husband and I traveled out of the country for our first trip to Ireland!  I was very stressed because I was worried about my granny, but she was improving every day and my parents said they would email me with updates.  Ireland is AMAZING.  It is so green and lush and the towns are so cute and the people are very friendly.  I got to see my very first castle and spent time being awed by the history of these crazy old places and cathedrals.  We got to see Dublin, Cork, and Killarney and spend about 2 days in each location.  I don’t think this blog will be long enough to share everything, but here are a few pictures to enjoy :)