Ytt Weenend # 7?

What??? Am I seriously this far through already?  Where did the time go?  I am writing this blog on the night of ytt weekend 8 because I’ve been slacking.  Sorry to everyone who waits with baited breath for my next work of genius (JK, it’s only half genius).  So I had to break out my notes on this weekend to remember everything that happened… we go.


This weekend was another guest teacher weekend!!!  YAY, let me tell you, the guest teachers that come in are super cool and amazing, and I want to be them….well the ME version of them if you know what I mean.  This weekend we had the lovely and talented Sarah G come and bestow her knowledge onto 9 of the sponge like humans sitting around her.  Friday night we were going back over the vedas (practice makes perfect right?).  We went over our systems that make up the body and went over what stress is and how if affects our systems.  Pretty much everything we do seems to come back to breath, diaphragmatic breathing and linking breath with movement, and let me tell you… freaking works!  My job has been kinda sucky lately and I made the decision that I need to make a change.  This is a big year for me, I turn 30 this month, YTT finishes up in June, I just passed my aerobics certification, and I plan on completing my MBA by November.  I don’t say these things to brag, I say them because, for me to write down my goals, helps me see that I can acheive anything that I set my mind to.  I am going to need stress management now, more than ever.  

But I digress, I have decided that I don't really want to work at the company I am with now,  I feel like I have finally found my passion in Yoga and I want to find ways to link this with something that can actually pay the bills.  We really started getting into the sutra’s and the writing of the yogic masters.  I am always amazed at the many perspectives and experiences everyone has.  No one comes from the same place but we all have something of value to contribute to the class.  The most amazing thing though, is that Sarah specifically talked about knowing when you are on a right path, vs. a path that doesn’t help sustain you.  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  I know that everything happens for a reason and I see doors opening to me that I didn’t even know were there before.  

The one last thing I want to bring up before I bring this to a close is how we have been working on our breathing pretty heavily.  Not only with yoga and asana’s, but with relaxation, stress management, and meditation.  Breathing has really helped me learn to deal with hard and stressful situations without losing my composure.  I can’t tell you how awesome it has been.  I am a very sensitive person and issues at work used to stay with me and eat away at my sense of self and well being…..not anymore.  I am no longer a helpless passenger to my emotions, I have learned through this breath training, how to reign it in and have mastery over my emotions.  I don't always succeed, but I know that I don’t get rattled so easily and can have a cool head in hot situations.  

And there you have it, my takeaways from this weekend.  I promise to be more prompt with my next blog.  Namaste to you all!!!!!!