YTT and Turning 30

Hello All,

Thanks for tuning in to another mostly coherent account of yoga teacher training weekends. This weekend was all about yogic life and the start of delving into teaching longer sequences (YIKES).  First we had the responsibility of sequencing a full class (60 minutes) in a group of 3, so one person took the warm up and standing poses, the next person took backbends and twists, and the last person got the floor work of seated poses.  The trick to this was making sure the class flowed, so it was a coordinated effort of making sure your last pose flowed nicely into the next person's opening pose.  We were fortunate enough to be able to prep ahead of time so friday we had a full hour with our group and then were expected to teach it to the group the next day.  Then after that, we had some review of what we’ve been learning this whole time and also began to touch upon the Yamas and the Niyamas.

Now, if you don't know what the Yamas and Niyamas are, I’ll explain.  Yoga has 8 branches which include the Yamas, Niyamas, Asanas, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhi.  These eight concepts are what make up yoga.  Taking the first 2 limbs, the yamas are how to live in the work and the niyamas are how to care for yourself. I need to pay attention to the taking care of yourself portion.  The schedule that I am going to have is going to be a test of resolve and commitment so I hope I can meet my own expectations.  

We also started to delve into the gunas.  Dipping a toe into the ayurveda pool of information is almost overwhelming.  This just does not fit on my plate at the moment, but I want to know more and incorporate it into my life.  I just have to accept that while I am not there yet, I will get there at some point (I hope).  

On another note, I turned 30 this month (this was in April).  It’s kinda weird to say that I’m 30 because I still feel about 26.  and I also LOVE my birthday.  Not so much this year and I don't know if I was just repressing some hard bumming over the big 3-0 or if my hormones just threw me all out of whack but I was surprisingly bummed out about the day.  Part of it was also that it was on a Thursday and I did not take off work so it was just like any other day.  I am the type of person who wants everyone to make a big deal that I was born on a particular day and I guess the day did not live up to my expectations.  I am feeling ok now, my husband and I got all our friends together and we all went out to eat at a schmancy restaurant, so it more than made up for my lackluster birthday.  But while the day was pretty normal, I feel like I am finally hitting that point in my life where I am figuring out my direction and passion in life and actively working towards those goals.  I have never been more motivated to achieve my dreams and taking these trainings has absolutely contributed to my new life direction.  I will have my certification done this year, along with my MBA, and I will begin to delve into teaching more fitness centric classes as well.  My only regret is that I didn’t start this sooner :)  

Anyway, thanks for tuning in.