Signature Essential Oil Blend for Balance

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Essential oils are gifts from the Earth.  They are natural aromatic compounds that come from the seeds, bark, leaves, flowers, roots, and other parts of plants.  These essential oils have so many amazing benefits ranging from muscle and joint support to stress relief and emotional support.  I have spent the last few years studying the benefits and uses of essential oils.  There are so many ways to incorporate essential oils into your life.  Essential oils work much like yoga.  When I attend a yoga class, I always feel so much better when class is over.  My body craves the gentle yoga movements.  Yoga leaves me feeling rejuvenated and balanced.  When I use essential oils, I feel much the same way.  I am able to reduce stress, balance my emotions, and breathe better. 

With the grand re-opening of Moondog Yoga Studio, June and I wanted to create a signature blend of essential oils that encompasses the atmosphere of the studio and was a dosha balancing blend.  Our ultimate goal was to combine oils that were not only grounding and calming, but also invigorating and uplifting.  We worked together for a few months testing different blends and adjusting them to meet our goals.  In May, we released the MOONDOG YOGA SIGNATURE BLEND.  This blend is unique to the studio. 

The Moondog Yoga Signature Blend combines wild orange, sandalwood, ginger, grapefruit, frankincense, and myrrh essential oils. 

·         Wild orange essential oil is the oil of abundance.  It is calming and uplifting to the mind and body.  It fosters creativity and is both invigorating and renewing.

·         Sandalwood essential oil is the oil of sacred devotion.  It is great for prayer and meditation.  It calms the mind and stills the heart.  Sandalwood harmonizes and balances the emotions. 

·         Ginger essential oil is the oil of empowerment.  It is warming, accelerating, and stimulating.  It supports a warrior mentality.

·         Grapefruit essential oil is the oil of honoring the body.  It is balancing and uplifting to the mind.  Grapefruit is detoxifying and fresh.

·         Frankincense essential oil is the oil of truth.  It is a powerful cleanser and assists in spiritual awakening.  It enhances prayer, meditation, and focus. 

·         Myrrh essential oil is the oil of Mother Earth.  It assists in feelings of safety and security.  It promotes emotional balance and well-being. 

Along with these essential oils, the signature blend also contains moonstone fragments.  Moonstone is the stone of new beginnings.  It calms emotions and brings good fortune.  It is often associated with the crown chakra and is said to cleanse and dispel negativity from all of the chakras.  This moonstone comes from India.

We are so excited to share this unique blend with each of you.  Enjoy the signature blend and know that a lot of research and love went into its creation. 

Stephanie Borzio
Tru You Essentials