Decluttering by Not Procrastinating

I think being more organized is a standard New Year’s Resolution. For me it’s not as much about organizing and decluttering as it is about getting to all the projects I’ve been putting off. I posted an article a few weeks ago about minimalism, the goal is to get rid of 2018 things in the year 2018. Part of getting there will require passing on clothes that the kids have outgrown and donating things I haven’t worn since 2006 but a lot of it is that I’m finally going to have to go through the pile of preschool art projects that I couldn’t bear to part with and before I download another book on to my kindle, I need to go through the pile of magazines that sucked me in at the grocery store checkout line. 

Almost three weeks into January, I’m at 450 items. I compromised on the art projects - I took pictures of everything and saved them to an app called Artkive, I’m almost through the magazine pile and Purple Heart has already done one pick up from my house. I don’t really have a method - I can’t say I’m going room by room or spending so much time per day on decluttering but I am trying to be less of a procrastinator with my projects. If I have some down time, I am choosing to spend it going through a pile I’ve pushed off to the side rather then getting sucked into Facebook or Netflix. 

Now, the real challenge is going to be not replace it all!


What I’m loving
My Messy Bun hat. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a hat with a hole on top so you can pull your ponytail through. For someone with long hair, it makes wearing a hat SO much more comfortable. I got mine at Love Obsessed on Broad Street.

What I’m reading
Do Your Om Thing by Rebecca Pacheco. I say all the time that it’s hard to balance being a good yogi with real life but this book takes all those ancient teachings and puts them into modern day perspective. This review from The Huffington Post will tell you about the book way better then I ever could.