what will your dash hold?


our beloved zia marilyn passed recently.   zia is Italian for aunt.  zia, as she is called, is my husband's aunt, my father-in-law's sister. since i married into the hunt family 29 years ago, she is my aunt. the service was difficult, beautiful, and thought provoking.  what is in your dash?

the priest spoke about the dash.  i'll use zia as an example.  when we pass, our lives will be referenced by our birth and our passing, as february 17, 1930 - january 6, 2018.  however, the life that was lived is in the dash.  the small, seemingly insignificant dash holds the story of our lives.  what will your dash hold? what is the life you led? the people you loved? the joys, the challenges you lived? the beauty and tragedies you saw? the dreams realized? what is in your dash? the dash, seemingly insignificant, holds the story of your life, if you are reading this, you are still the author of this dash which actually supports this new year's beginning.  what is/are your words/words for 2018? how do you want to live this year? how do you want to fill your dash this year? you are the author of your life, your dash. as kelly always says, "yes you can!"

more food for thought from the priest: he quoted  Mitch Albom, Tuesdays with Morrie (one of his favorite books) 

"Death ends a life, not a relationship." 

interesting thing--we (larry, the boys & I) are not practicing catholics (zia was very devout).  we all (larry, connor & i) separately told the priest what a wonderful, beautiful service he conducted for zia.   he gave us all a gift that will stay in our hearts forever.  i can only imagine how rich his dash will be.

much love, light, and laughter to you all

-june xoxo