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BIG Spring Cleanse

Certain practices, like cleansing, bring up fear. Yep, my F word! This is important to talk about because your mind can become unhappy with adjustments in your eating and drinking—the everyday rhythm being "messed with"—as the mind ain’t too keen on this type of behavior, so fear is often a loud voice that lands with both feet on the deck of your mind and tries to regain control over the ship.
Well, not on this cleanse. we will take good care of you! Please join June Hunt and Kathryn Templeton for a BIG Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse guaranteed to revitalize both your body and mind.

Seasonal cleansing offers us a way to clean out old habits and toxins and bring our bodies and minds back into balance. It leaves us feeling lighter, brighter, and more joyful. We clear out of our system imbalances connected with the previous season so that we can move into the new season with ease. In ayurvedic cleansing, there is also a component of nurturing, so that while we cleanse, we can support our mental as well as our physical health.

Session I - Friday, April 6, 6:00 pm-8:30 pm
What is an Ayurvedic Cleanse?
Explanation of the Ayurvedic Clock
Review of doshas and your vikriti (imbalance)

Session II - Saturday, April 7, 9:00 am-12:30 pm
Practices to support the cleanse - “Mind Prep or Pre-tox” and dynacharya
Changing Cravings to bring us to Balance
Discuss how our Habits Hold us to Imbalance

Session III - Saturday, April 7, 2:00 pm-4:30 pm
Outline of cleanse week/review of the shopping list and recipes
Kitchari, spices, and the six tastes
Make ghee

Session IV - Sunday, April 8, 9:00 am-12:30 pm
Putting it all together for your weeks cleanse/Pot Luck Meal

registration is required, space is limited

All participants receive three, 7-day phases to address every level of your body, mind, and lifestyle, Ebook including 30+ healthy recipes (with a complete shopping guide), yoga practices and relaxations to support your cleanse, tongue scraper, massage oil, and kitchari ($235 total value)

Local students have the opportunity to attend additional classes. ($295 total value)


Earlier Event: March 22
preschool yoga & story time